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3D house is a brand created by Dopak Sp. z o. o. and the Polish Business Development Foundation (PFRB).

Our mission is to expand the areas where 3D printing technology can be used, and it is still unknown. Our services are aimed at companies from various industries, ranging from plastics to broadly understood design.

Our services

Machine park

  • Installation of Sintratec S2 (SLS technology)
  • Industry F350 / 3D Gence Industry production system (FDM technology)
  • Zortrax M200 Plus printer with a working space: 200x200x180
  • Zortrax D3 M300 Plus printer with a working space: 265x265x300 mm
  • ATOSQ 8M scanner with GOM ROT 350 rotary table
  • Handheld 3D peel scanner

Technologies used

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) incremental technology

It consists in selective sintering of plastics powder using an infrared laser beam at an elevated temperature, layer by layer with a thickness of 0.060 – 0.15 mm. The technology makes it possible to obtain complex shapes with high tolerance of dimensional accuracy.


  • printing without a base layer
  • longer printing times compared to FDM
  • possibility of printing moving parts
  • waste-free technology, the sintered powder can be reused
  • refreshing the powder (to maintain high quality and durability, a fraction of fresh powder is added to the used powder)

Additive technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

It consists in applying a thermoplastic material heated in an extruder and applied layer by layer with a thickness of 0.1 – 0.3 mm with a head. The FDM method mainly uses materials based on plastics, e.g. polylactide PLA or ABS.


  • short printing times, fast prototyping
  • low production costs
  • printing with a base layer
  • the possibility of printing moving parts is not always possible


Spare parts, details and machine elements.
Prototype series, details, machine parts, tools.
Spare parts for medical devices, prosthetic hoppers, implant prototypes.
Gadgets, personalized advertising materials.
Prototype utility items, teaching aids.
Replicas, equipment for historical reconstructions.
Test versions of products, low-volume production.
Modular mockups, element and characters for RPG and board games.

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3D house

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