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The aim of the Dopak Research and Development Center is the implementation of research projects concerning the technological development of new products or the improvement of existing injection-molded products.

Main tasks:

  1. Research and development of methods for quality control of injection molded products
  2. Diagnostics of machines for plastics processing
  3. Research and evaluation of the properties of plastics in the processing of plastics

The Research and Development Center consists of:

Technical school

A machine park for the purposes of training and implementation of technological processes intended for the production of pilot and test end products for contractors, also made available to external companies implementing innovative projects as part of start-up programs.


  • 7 advanced automatic lines, including hydraulic and electric KraussMaffei injection molding machines with a mold clamping force from 550 to 5500 kN together with linear LRX robots and peripheral devices such as: conveyors, drying, feeding and dosing systems, cooling and grinding the material.
  • High-tech technologies, such as FiberForm, MuCell, adapted to the processing of high-temperature materials, such as PEEK and PEAK, along with the APC-plus function to stabilize the injection process.
  • Mold for the production of fittings for carrying out strength tests.

Training and conference complex

Training program including elements of theory, practice and research in the field of plastics, operation of machines, robots and peripheral devices, modern technologies.

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A laboratory with specialized measuring devices for carrying out tests.

Prototype shop

A 3D prototype shop equipped with modern 3D printers for the production of models, an industrial 3D scanner and dedicated programs.

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External organizations cooperating with Dopak:

Dopak company:

Services offered:

  • Trainings in the field of machinery and equipment operation and maintenance, plastics processing, modern technologies;

  • Production of prototype models in 3D printing technology;

  • High-resolution scans for precise measurements used in the quality control of details;

  • Selection of technology for the production of moldings;

  • Implementation of modern solutions under intellectual protection;

  • Technology transfer to the destination, i.e. the customer’s factory;

  • Reports on completed works, preparation of conclusions;
  • Technical documentation tailored to customer requirements;

Project number: POIR.02.01.00-00-0046 / 15
Project title: Establishment of a Research and Development Center in the field of plastics processing by DOPAK Sp. z o. o
Measure: 2.1 Support for investments in R&D infrastructure of enterprises
Program: Intelligent Development Operational Program for 2014-2020

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