In the laboratory of the Dopak Research and Development Center, we conduct research on the physicochemical properties of plastics and finished products, enabling the correct development of production technology and maximizing the efficiency of the process and quality assurance. We define technological parameters influencing the injection process. We develop guidelines for manufacturing technology.

Sample laboratory tests:

  • Measurements of hardness, tensile strength, bending;
  • Dimensioning of tested moldings using a measuring machine;
  • Measurements of color, density and mass of elements;
  • Gloss analysis of finished moldings;
  • Determination of the moisture content of granules, determination of dry weight;
  • Measurements of temperature distribution on the surface of the molded part;
  • Structural features of details;
  • Measurements, inspections of geometric features, dimensional tolerances;
  • Analysis of defects in moldings. Diagnosing the cause;
  • Identification of recycling possibilities.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Strength measuring machine;
  • Shore hardness tester;
  • Monoscopic microscope for analyzing material defects and material texture;
  • Plastometer;
  • Colorimeter, gloss meter, moisture analyzer, analytical balance;
  • Coordinate measuring machine;
  • Depth gauge, calipers, micrometers, bench scales;

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