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2K aggregates and rotary tables

Plasdan is a Portuguese manufacturer specializing in multi-component injection solutions. The main product of Plasdan company are additional units for the injection of the second component, cooperating with injection molding machines of various manufacturers. An important item in the offer are also rotary tables that allow you to transform a standard injection molding machine into a 2K machine.

Benefits of using Plasdan 2K aggregates and rotary tables:

  • Direct electric drives for high precision and energy-efficient production;
  • Compact dimensions and mobile design;
  • 30 years of experience in manufacturing 2K injection molds and solutions;
  • Innovative and economical technical solutions;
  • A comprehensive offer including consulting and designing 2K solutions, including injection molds.


Bauer Kompressoren is a German company that has been specializing in high-pressure gas compressors for over 70 years, dedicated to various industries. Nitrogen injection solutions for plastics processing plants, the so-called GIT – gas injection technology, provided on the Polish market by Dopak sp. z o. o

Bauer compressors are available in power from 20 to 500 bar and are supplied with controllers for precise and repeatable gas dosing.

Benefits of using nitrogen injection:

  • Compensates shrinkage in thick-walled parts;
  • Improves the aesthetics of parts by eliminating surface deformations
  • Enables the production of parts with free space inside or requiring structural ribbing e.g. handles
  • Reduces the required clamping force;
  • Shortens the cycle time;
  • Saves plastic material.

Diagram of gas injection system


Technotrans (formerly GWK) has been a recognized supplier of cooling systems and refrigeration equipment for over 50 years. We offer thermostats for injection molds that work with water or oil.

Benefits of using Technotrans thermostats:

  • Simple operation (one-button);
  • Precision microprocessor controller with automatic optimization;
  • Reliable display with membrane keypad with simultaneous display of temperature setpoint and actual values;
  • Electronic level monitoring with protection against dry running;
  • Automatic filling and refilling;
  • Level monitoring by stainless steel float switch.

Refrigeration units

We offer a wide range of compact refrigeration units by Riedel Kooling. The company belongs to the Glen Dimplex Deutschland group and since 1973 specializes in cooling devices, chillers and refrigerators for many industries.

Benefits of using Riedel Kooling refrigeration units:

  • Convenient selection of cooling capacity in the range from 1.7 kW to 230 kW;
  • Ready-to-install devices (plug & play);
  • Very compact dimensions with integrated pump and reservoir;
  • Microprocessor control with digital indication of the set and actual temperature;
  • Cooling circuit with thermostatic expansion valve;
  • Quality “Made in Germany”.

Metal separators

Our offer includes a number of devices manufactured by Sesotec GmbH for the detection and separation of all types of metals, from ferromagnetics, through non-ferrous metals, to acid-resistant steel.

Separating systems, after receiving a signal that a metal is detected, eject a small part of the product containing the metal.

Benefits of using Sesotec separators:

  • Highest detection and separation efficiency;
  • 40 years of experience in the production of separators for the plastics market;
  • Professional selection and consulting for special applications;
  • A wide catalog of available options and accessories;
  • Delivery of Sesotec devices integrated in machines and devices for plastics processing;
  • Comprehensive after-sales support.

Peripherals for blow molding machines

Villani Giovanni is a company specializing in the field of industrial automation. Its 50 years of experience and cooperation with leading manufacturers of blow molding machines, but above all with users, allow us to offer a wide range of specialized devices
and accessories for the automation and optimization of industrial processes.

We offer the following blowing peripherals:

  • Leak testers for bottles and jars;
  • Milling machines for trimming bottle necks at any angle;
  • Pass-through scales;
  • Packaging systems for trays and foil bags;
  • Automatic Palletizing and Stretching Lines;
  • Vision inspection systems.

Unpacking machines

The Spanish company ELUX SYSTEMS LTD produces fully automatic machines for quick opening and precise emptying of bags filled with plastic with a maximum weight of 25 kg.

Advantages of using Elux loosening machines:

  • High efficiency of emptying bags and feeding loose granules to the hopper (up to 12 tons / hour);
  • Elimination of manual work;
  • Easy operation from the Siemens PLC controller and touch panel (HMI);
  • Accurate emptying of bags at the level of 99.9%;
  • All components in contact with plastic are made of stainless steel;
  • Universal and reliable technology tested in dozens of applications around the world.

Robot grippers

The German company ASS Maschinenbau GmbH offers a wide range of components for the construction of a gripper, as well as complete gripper structures.

Benefits of using ASS components:

  • All elements are anodized, thanks to which their surface is hard and scratch-resistant;
  • A specially developed design of the tabs and grooves used in the profiles guarantee precise fit and stability even after many years of use;
  • Compatible with any type of robot;
  • Very short times of changing the grippers;
  • Fast order fulfillment time;
  • There are over 1,300 components available, from which it is possible to build structures that meet the highest expectations.

Mold holders

Rothfuss clamping systems enable safe and comfortable assembly of injection molds. Their special design allows for stepless adjustment of the height of the mounted mold.

Rothfuss owes its strong market position to many years of German craftsmanship tradition and a consistent policy of focusing only on proven solutions and the highest quality materials.

Benefits of using Rothfuss handles:

  • Assembly of molds of different heights and sizes;
  • Stepless adjustment;
  • High clamping power increasing the safety of use;
  • Competitive prices;
  • A wide range of applications;
  • Professional advice based on many years of specialization.

Big-bag racks

The universal Indus Neva racks simplify the logistics of big-bags. They are perfect for pouring material into empty bags, for safe storage of bags in stacks and for unloading full big-bags.

Benefits of using Indus Neva frames:

  • Optimal use of storage space;
  • Safe emptying of the bags from the contents;
  • Simple structure made of high-strength components;
  • Universal dimensions compatible with most big bags;
  • Reduction of the number of shipments through optimal packaging and distribution of the load;
  • Empty racks can be stacked to save space.

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