The Dopak company in cooperation with The Polish Business Development Foundation (PFRB) has created a new brand: 3D house, which will implement 3D printing projects. The new activity meets the expectations of the market in terms of the implementation of short product series and prototypes using 3D printing technology.

The recipients of the services will be both broadly understood industrial companies, including plastics processors, as well as startups, marketing agencies, universities or designers. 3D house puts special emphasis on the development and expansion of areas in which 3D printing technology can be used, and is still unknown.

3D prints will be made, inter alia, with the use of selective SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and additive FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. In addition to prototyping, the company will also support clients in the field of scanning, design and 3D modeling. There will also be training in reverse engineering, three-dimensional scanning, 3D printing technology and rapid prototyping.

The 3D printing market is one of the fastest growing areas. Given the current technological level, 3D printing has a chance to become a common way of producing end products on a large scale. Its great advantage is its versatility and the possibility of using it in many areas – from hand prostheses, through spare parts and prototypes in industry, personalized gadgets, replicas of historical items, and ending with designer utility items and jewelry. Our only limit is our imagination – says Magdalena Kazimierczuk, director of the Research and Development Center of the Dopak company.

The most important benefits of using 3D printing are:

– Short time of creating and implementing projects in relation to traditional methods,

– Financial savings and a less complicated product development process,

– Variety and availability of materials,

– Possibility to personalize the product and produce short series,

– Up to 90% less waste and 25-50% less electricity consumption.


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