Only a perfectly matched injection molding machine to the production process is able to provide the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. Incorrectly selected machine can increase the costs of production and operation of the machine. The selection of the injection molding machine should be based on the analysis of the required parameters and the rate of return on investment. What you should pay attention to when buying and how to choose a machine among the many available on the market, we suggest below.

Before deciding to choose an injection molding machine, it is worth considering several parameters that will allow you to better match the device to its intended use and method of production.

Industry, volume and method of production

The basic questions that determine the rational choice of the machine are primarily the type of industry, production volume, required mold closing force, mold sizes or injection volume. At the very beginning, it is necessary to determine the type of material being processed, the amount of modifying additives and fillers.

Cycle time and ROI simulation

The choice of the machine should be based on the analysis of the required parameters and the rate of return on investment. In the case of new production projects, the Dopak company is able to prepare a simulation of the cycle time and calculations of electricity consumption for fully electric or hybrid machines, at the customer’s request. These simulations are created based on the provided 3D drawings, e.g. forms and details.

Don’t forget about EU requirements

A very important criterion for selecting a machine is meeting the requirements of the European Union Directives. It should be noted whether the machine is marked with the CE mark of conformity, or whether the manufacturer provides the EC Declaration of Conformity, user manual, software and machine specification in Polish.

Necessary service support

It is also necessary to ensure that the supplier provides professional warranty service, post-warranty service, including inspections and access to spare parts for many years. It is also worth paying attention to whether the machines are prepared for the concept of industry 4.0, enabling intelligent network integration of machines. KraussMaffei implements Plastics 4.0 technology through the automation and digitization of industrial production that leads to the structure of the intelligent factory of the future.

Equipment and innovative technology

One should not forget about the equipment of the machine and all technological innovations that may be useful in the production process and increase the quality of products. For example, the injection molding machine manufacturer KraussMaffei offers a wide range of standard equipment for injection molding machines and a whole range of additional options, such as the patented APC Plus system.

It detects any fluctuations in processes that may be caused by changing environmental conditions or the viscosity of the material and automatically counteracts them. In this way, users can benefit from consistently high quality moldings, lower waste and plastic costs, and simplified use of recycled material. The APC plus function detects changes in viscosity in a plasticized mass and corrects them at each cycle. It also allows the detection and correction of non-return valve fluctuations in the same cycle.



Sustainable production and environmental protection

It is also necessary to take into account technological solutions that will allow more efficient use of natural resources and minimize the impact of production on the natural environment. An example is the solutions offered by KraussMaffei injection molding machines:

– Ecobutton, which saves energy with one press;

– BluePower hydraulic servo drives for energy-saving operation and reduced noise emissions (10 to 40% lower energy consumption, efficient production);

– Daily starts planner.

The supplier’s experience and competences are a guarantee of success

It is certainly worth working with a competent and experienced partner who will help you comprehensively implement a technological solution. For 26 years, Dopak has been supporting the plastics processing industry with its knowledge, providing solutions from reputable and proven manufacturers. Dopak specializes in the comprehensive implementation of the entire technological solution, from design to assembly of complete technological lines, in accordance with the essential requirements of Directive 2006/42 / EC. Thanks to the knowledge and extensive experience in servicing customers of various industries and the specificity of production, the company is able to meet even the most difficult challenges in the field of modernization or optimization of existing production processes.


If you have additional questions, please contact the Dopak sales department .