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Founded in 1978 and based in Herford, Digicolor specializes in the design and production of equipment and systems for drying, feeding and dyeing plastic granules. The company is a leader on the German market and provides its solutions to leading plastics processors in the automotive, electrical, electrotechnical, medical and packaging industries.

Central feeding and drying systems

The distinguishing feature of Digicolor is the individual and specific needs-oriented system design as well as the uncompromising use of the most energy-efficient devices and solutions. The systems are modular, so they can be extended or modified as the customer’s production activity grows.

Both in serial production based on one type of plastic,
as well as in complex production processes involving many types of plastics and additives, a good feeding system is an irreplaceable solution.

Advantages of central feeding and drying systems:

  • Lower energy consumption, thanks to the replacement of individual feeders with efficient pumps controlled by inverters;
  • Optimum drying with energy-saving dryers and control equipment;
  • Better use of space in the injection room by taking plastic tanks and dryers outside the production area;
  • Greater cleanliness of production thanks to the elimination of transport of bags and octabins;
  • Convenient, non-involved maintenance and lower failure rate of devices;
  • Save time thanks to the operation of all devices from one place;
  • Greater control over the process and preparation of the material;
  • Improved logistics of plastics and reduction of losses;
  • Rational resource management monitoring of stock levels and the current consumption of materials, better control of orders;
  • Possibility of remote operation and monitoring of the feeding, dosing and drying system;
  • Raising the rank of the plant and its image during audits and in the opinion of customers.

In the central Digicolor systems we use:

  • Inverter controlled high efficiency vacuum generators for energy-saving operation;
  • User-friendly central self-cleaning dust filters;
  • High-quality components dedicated to harsh industrial conditions and many years of operation;
  • Scalable central Siemens controllers to operate and monitor the entire system;
  • Remote access to system settings and monitoring;
  • Data recording of processed materials, drying and feeding parameters;
  • “BUS” interfaces for integration with other information systems;
  • Assembly materials guaranteeing aesthetic and secure fixing with the possibility of subsequent modifications;
  • Anti-abrasion reinforcements extending the service life of elements in contact with technical plastics;
  • Assembly and installation carried out by professional technical teams;
  • Manual coupling stations, also with the possibility of coding connections by means of barcodes;
  • Automatic coupling stations for tight and reliable source-to-target assignment.

We offer individual “tailor-made” solutions, professional installation and assembly of piping, as well as system optimization and training. We run production projects from the concept phase, through planning, to commissioning and optimization of the installation.

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Central feeding and drying systems

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