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Cooling system

The German company ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH has been offering modern, energy-saving and environmentally friendly cooling, heat recovery, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for over 30 years. In the company’s portfolio there are currently over 6000 satisfied customers from over 70 countries and various industries, incl. plastics, metal processing, metal refining, food, medical, chemical and automotive technology.

Cooling systems

Individual projects

Each cooling system is tailored to the individual needs of the customer,
with particular emphasis on optimal energy consumption. Therefore, it is equipped with a refrigeration unit relief system and two separate cooling circuits for molds and hydraulics. ONI cooling systems also offer the possibility of using post-production heat to heat halls and offices.

Highest quality

ONI systems use only first-class components that are quality tested at ONI’s headquarters in Germany.


To minimize the energy consumption of the pumps, the systems are flow-optimized. Process-optimized control ensures that the joint work of all system components is as well organized as possible. Comprehensive system optimization benefits in equal measure in terms of economy and ecology.


All systems are equipped with a modem that allows you to diagnose system malfunctions and introduce necessary corrections, ensuring constantly optimized system operation.

Systems in a container

Saving space in the production hall

In addition to high efficiency and reliability, a huge role is played by the quick availability of energy utilities, flexibility and compact design of the installation, which takes up little space. Another advantage of the modular design is that it can be individually adapted to specific requirements in terms of performance and power spectrum.

Modular components are available for various applications, such as cooling or chilled water supply, heating energy from waste heat, compressed air, preparation and treatment of water entering the installation.

Heat recovery

Reduction of heating costs

Today, waste heat from cooling circuits or production processes is removed externally by many industrial plants, which is costly. Thanks to the ONI technology, which uses special low-temperature heating devices, such as industrial heaters, office heaters and floor heating systems, it is possible to heat offices, halls and warehouses using heat recovered from production area. This allows for additional cost reduction. Free heat replaces costly primary energy sources such as oil and gas.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Considerable energy savings

The product spectrum ranges from simple ventilation systems for industrial halls, to ventilation and air conditioning with controlled sectors, to clean room technologies that meet the highest standard.
ONI offers the right system solutions for any air flow from 500 to 500,000 m3 in the field of medical technology, plastics industry, food production, packaging and printing.

According to the principle of rational use of energy, air conditioning, ventilation and clean room systems are characterized by low energy consumption
and long-term trouble-free operation.

Water purification

Cooling water of the highest quality

Properly cleaned cooling water eliminates corrosion in cooling systems and guarantees long-term trouble-free operation.

Precise dosing systems ensure a constant concentration of water treatment agents and ensure proper biological protection.

The treatment system is equipped with an industrial water filtering station. Water quality has a major impact on the operating costs and operational safety of a cooling system.

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Cooling systems

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