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VESPA Granulators has been designing, manufacturing and selling plastic mills, auxiliary equipment and spare parts for over 20 years. The most famous product of the company is the VESPA 40/60 VGA mill. Vespa solutions are present in 20 countries on 3 continents and are associated with high quality, failure-free and high efficiency. The company is headquartered in Pleven, Bulgaria.

Vespa high-speed knife mills

Benefits of using:

  • High performance due to the optimal geometry of the cutting tools;
  • Wide application possibilities, both in the recycling industry and for cooperation with processing machines (for recycling production waste from injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines);
  • Batch hopper with soundproofing;
  • High-quality drive shafts with bearings protected against dirt;
  • Hardened cutting tools;
  • Easy and quick maintenance and cleaning thanks to the well-thought-out design;
  • Consistently high quality of workmanship guaranteed by production in a European factory.

Additional options:

  • special configurations of knives for efficient shredding of foil, small pipes and profiles, containers, bottles etc .;
  • sound insulation of the drive body;
  • integrated regrind collection system with blower and cyclone;
  • dedicated hopper geometries.

Vespa models available

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High-speed knife mills

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