Established in 1995 NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH specializes in recycling and shredding technology. At its plant in Sinsheim, it produces complete technological solutions for washing, shredding and drying plastic waste. NEUE HERBOLD devices are associated with high durability, efficiency and safety of use.

Pulverizers for plastics Neue Herbold

Neue Herbold manufactures disc mills for the pulverization of plastics such as e.g. PVC-U, PE, PC.

Powdered grinding of plastics is used in many industries, including rotary thermoforming, extrusion, coating and many more.

The principle of operation of the pulverizer:

The toothed grinding disk with a high degree of resistance rotates at a very high speed in relation to the stationary grinding disk. The shape of the discs and the high rotational speed contribute to the effective grinding of the granules or regrinds introduced into the mill. The final grain size of the powder can be easily adjusted by setting the appropriate spacing between the grinding discs.

Pulverizers are serially equipped with a temperature control system with spray nozzles.

If necessary, the machines are retrofitted with oscillating screens, which ensure a highly homogeneous and reproducible grinding fraction.

Before selecting the pulverization technique, tests are carried out in the Neue Herbold technology center, thanks to which the customer can be sure that the planned line will fulfill its intentions, without risk.

Models available and approximate capacities:

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