The newly opened Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe Dopak Sp. z o. o. conducts specialized training for the plastics industry. The educational offer is addressed to machine operators and setters, automation engineers, service and maintenance workers, technologists, process and quality engineers.

The training courses cover three subject areas:

  1. Setting and optimization of the injection process, technological properties of plastics, ways to avoid defects in moldings, operation of injection molds.
  2. Service training in the operation, programming, operation and maintenance of machines and devices for PTS.
  3. Advanced PTS technologies, e.g. MuCell, 3D printing technology, rapid prototyping.

“We place particular emphasis on practical training with operation and programming of injection molding machines and robots. We teach how to choose the best parameters of the injection process and its optimization, how to avoid defects in molded parts, as well as reduce electricity consumption. We advise on how to program injection molding machines, optimize the injection process as well as select and set the ideal process parameters, ”says Magdalena Kazimierczuk, Quality Director at Dopak.

Practical classes are held in a machine park equipped with seven modern hydraulic and electric injection molding machines with peripheral devices. The largest machine in the GX series is an injection molding machine with a clamping force of 550 tons.

The trainings are conducted in small groups by qualified service engineers and scientific staff with many years of experience in operating injection molding machines.

More information: www.dopak / training