Operation of injection molds (IM-3)

Purpose and scope of the training:

Theoretical part:

    • Methods of regeneration of injection molds;
    • Sealing water circuits in injection molds, methods of regeneration and diagnostics;
    • Buckling of push-back systems and system repair techniques;
    • Elastic deformation of injection molds – methods of repair and diagnostics;
    • Methods of sealing broken mold cavities;
    • Cracks in molding inserts – causes and assessment method;
    • Dry Ice Blasting Pros and Cons;
    • Ultrasonic cleaning advantages and disadvantages;
    • Injection mold maintenance rules;
    • Protective coatings on mold seats;
    • Gate measurements;
    • Selection of appropriate lubricants and cleaning preparations and preparations facilitating production;
    • Regeneration of forming edges;
    • The problem of thermal expansion in the aspect of motion functions of the injection mold;
    • Assessment of the technical condition of springs;
    • Repair and evaluation of the technical condition of actuators
    • Rules for disassembly and assembly of the injection mold;
    • Maintenance and inspection of hot runner systems;
    • Destruction and division plates;
    • Measurement reports from performed inspections;
    • Manual surface treatment of the forming cavities;
    • Rules for the storage of injection molds;
    • Organization and standardization of work in the mold maintenance department,
    • Cleaning and maintenance of cooling systems in injection molds.

Practical part:

    • Disassembly and assembly of the injection mold;
    • Qualitative assessment of moldings in the context of the technical condition of the mold;
    • Measurement of guidance systems;
    • Review of the ejection system;
    • Mold cavity evaluation;
    • Lubrication of mold kinematic systems;
    • Knocking out mold inserts;
    • Checking the tightness of circuits;
    • Checking the efficiency of the cooling system;
    • Replacement of sealing O-rings;
    • Measurement of gates in the injection system;
    • Measurement of the straightness of individual mold plates;
    • Covering up forming cavities.

Training date:





1 day – theoretical and practical classes


Tel. +48 71 358 40 26                                         Email: szkolenia@dopak.pl


Research and Development Center Dopak, ul. Kwiatkowskiego 5a, Wrocław


Set-ups, technologists, process engineers, maintenance engineers, production engineers, maintenance specialists production

Training cost:

  • PLN 1,200 (including dinner, coffee buffet and printed materials).

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