Operation, programming and operation of a linear robot (LR1 MC5/MC6/EC)

Training description:

Basic training in the use of LR1 linear robots is intended for those who are taking their first steps in programming KraussMaffei robots. Classes start with a short OHS workshop. The construction and design assumptions of KraussMaffei robots are presented. Using control panel simulators, training participants perform workshop tasks. The procedures for programming the learning points of the P6D robot in the working space and for the configuration of the gripper are presented. In the practical part of the training, the participants will prepare their first part acceptance program from the mold using the WizardX program generator. Alarm overview cards and the history of events are also discussed, as well as the operation of spatial and pneumatic monitoring of the linear robot.

Purpose of the training:

  • Quickly and safely prepare the linear robot for operation;
  • Effective setting of gripper parameters;
  • Recognition and behavior when robot alarms occur;
  • Create robot programs using the WizardX tool.





2 days


Tel. +48 71 358 40 26 email: Edukacja@dopak.pl


Research and Development Center Dopak, ul. Kwiatkowskiego 5a, Wrocław

Scope of training:

  • Robot safety systems;
  • Robot construction;
  • Data set management;
  • Robot operating procedures;
  • “Apprenticing” the robot to points in the workspace;
  • Spatial control setting;
  • Create a program using the WizardX tool;
  • Application of basic programs;
  • Start of production using a robot;
  • Overview of alarms and event history;
  • LRX-ON-PC software presentation;
  • Practical exercises using simulators/robots.


  • Operators
  • Setters
  • Process engineers
  • Automakers

Training costs:

  • 1800 PLN (including lunch dishes, coffee buffet and printed materials).

The training is conducted by:


Engineer of the Research and Development Center. A graduate of automation and robotics at the Wrocław University of Technology. He gained his experience working as a service engineer at Dopak. In 2018-2022, he participated in many training courses in Poland and abroad in the processing of plastics. He has KraussMaffei training certificates in the field of service and operation of injection molding machines and the Schulungszentrum für Spritzgießtechnik certificate. Using practical experience and acquired knowledge, she co-creates the training program of the R&D Center.

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