Licensed technological course – injection molding machine driving license is the only training in Poland conducted under the license of Schulungszentrum für Spritzgießtechnik, a well-known German training company with 40 years of experience, which educates the largest producers of plastic parts around the world. A precisely designed training program allows you to gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of injection molding, useful for plastics processors, regardless of the brand of injection molding machines present in their machine park.

The training schedule provides for 5 levels of education, culminating in an exam. The courses are dedicated to employees operating machines on a daily basis, injection process engineers, quality controllers, technologists, as well as tool shop employees, maintenance workers, mold and detail designers, and sales departments.

The trainings are focused on gaining practical skills that will allow you to optimize the injection process on any brand of machine in such a way as to obtain high quality molded parts and reduce scrap to a minimum. During the courses they participate, they acquire knowledge on how to shorten the cycle time while maintaining the same part volume and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. They teach how to increase productivity and efficiency in the operation of injection molding machines, and finally identify the causes of molding defects and ways to counteract them.

The knowledge that participants acquire during the courses means many benefits for companies, in the form of increased production efficiency and real profits, through energy and raw material savings and better process optimization.

According to the experience of manufacturers of plastic details with whom we cooperate on a daily basis, the reason for many problems and production downtimes is the lack of skills and knowledge of production employees in the field of machine operation. Many serious failures and defects compaction can be counteracted in time. A trained staff of production workers – operators, setters and engineers is a guarantee of proper operation of the machine and service, which, using the technological capabilities of the device, will ensure the shortest possible cycle time and high product quality. Our experience and knowledge show that each injection machine, regardless of the brand, can be set in such a way as to minimize defects to a minimum and eliminate unnecessary losses of electricity. We share the knowledge we have accumulated over the years during our trainings – says Magdalena Kazimierczuk, director of the Research and Development Center at Dopak.

The trainings take place in the Research and Development Center of the Dopak company in Wrocław, located in a convenient location – near the A4 and AOW motorways.

The center is equipped with advanced automatic lines with hydraulic and electric injection molding machines along with robots and peripheral devices.

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