KraussMaffei injection molding machines provide the highest levels of performance and reliability. In addition to the machine range, KraussMaffei focuses on innovative solutions and digital products.
In this way, KraussMaffei provides a comprehensive package of services to customers all over the world and connects machines and processes with one another.

SocialProduction application in injection molding machines

SocialProduction opens a new level of communication in the production hall, allowing you to monitor machines regardless of place and time . With socialProduction, we gain access to the status of production parameters on mobile devices or a computer, and immediate notifications about important events . The integrated chat function makes the team communicate faster and more efficiently than ever

In the application, the user obtains, among others:
– preview of the status and parameters of the injection molding machine,
– warnings of sudden process parameters anomalies,
– information about changes made to the injection molding machine settings,
– the entire history of warnings for a given injection molding machine,
– the ability to communicate in the form of a chat with other users and exchange information about the injection molding machine,
– preview of process parameters charts.

APC plus: less scrap – higher productivity

The Adaptive Process Control (APC plus) function is a patented solution from KraussMaffei , which is responsible for the consistent and high quality of products . Its task is to maintain the set injection grammage at a constant level and to compensate for the influence of factors causing instability in the course of the injection process, such as e.g. changes in climatic conditions, variable flow resistance, differences in the quality of the material, or even changes in injection molding machine operators.

The APC plus function detects any changes in viscosity in a plasticized mass and corrects them in the same cycle . Also, changes in the plasticizing pressure of the material, i.e. the pressure of the material in front of the screw face during dosing, cause deviations in the injection basis weights. The APC plus feature detects and corrects check valve fluctuations within the same cycle. The check valve prevents the possibility of backflow
flow of the plasticized mass during injection. APC plus analyzes the current process status by constantly comparing it with the programmed reference curve.

Adaptation of the switch point and pressure profile occurs automatically, as the APC plus system automatically makes the necessary corrections with each injection cycle. All disruptions are compensated in real time. With APC plus , the production processes are much more stable and therefore the product quality is more consistent . The scrap rate is significantly reduced, thus avoiding unnecessary material waste.

Remote expert support via smartAssist

Very complex and technologically advanced machines require highly qualified operators and sometimes the support of the manufacturer. Communication via e-mail and telephone is often insufficient or ineffective.
The smartAssist KraussMaffei service meets customer expectations in terms of quick response to machine disruptions. SmartAssist enables two-way audiovisual communication between the machine operator at the customer’s site and the expert at a distance using mobile devices or smart glasses .

Regardless of your location in the world, KraussMaffei service support is at the push of a button. The solution allows you to repair faults or identify technical problems of the machine without the need for an expert to travel .

What do we gain:
– Two-way remote audiovisual communication with a standard smartphone, tablet or glasses
smart (up to 4 members),
– the ability to provide technical documents and expert information,
– chat with an integrated translation function,
– documentation by registering photos and comments from the website’s progress,
– easy connection to 4G / 5G (no connection to the client’s LAN network required),
– secure communication thanks to end-to-end encryption.


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