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Machines and peripherals

Electric and hydraulic KraussMaffei injection molding machines

Dopak is the sole representative of KraussMaffei for Poland. It offers hydraulic injection molding machines with clamping forces of 35-4000 tons and electric ones in the range of 25-400 tons. These machines are synonymous with high quality and reliability.

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Process control solutions

In addition to extensive machine equipment, KraussMaffei also offers a number of innovative automation and digitization solutions that enable better process control and increase product quality. An example is the socialProduction application, thanks to which we gain access to the status of production parameters on mobile devices or a computer and immediate notifications about important alerts.

An additional option offered by the manufacturer for all series of injection molding machines is the APC plus function, which guarantees a more stable and efficient production process.

Pure energy saving

KraussMaffei also does not forget about solutions that minimize the impact of its production activities on the natural environment. Thanks to the servo-hydraulic BluePower drives, ensuring energy-efficient operation and reduced noise emissions, we will ensure more efficient production and lower energy consumption by 10 to 40%.

Peripherals from reputable manufacturers

The product range of Dopak includes a wide range of peripheral devices: dryers, feeders, transporters, dispensers, tanks, transporters, recycling lines, robots, cooling systems, blow molding machines, central feeding and drying systems, as well as thermostats, aggregates and compressors. Thanks to the comprehensive offer, processors can obtain full support from one supplier in the expansion, improvement or implementation of new solutions.

The database of proven manufacturers of peripheral devices, such as: ONI, BBM, Digicolor, MO.DI.TEC, Neue Herbold, Bauer Kompressoren, Plasdan, Technotrans guarantee excellent quality and success of each project.

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