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German company BBM Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH since its foundation
in 1997 systematically strengthens its position on the market of manufacturers of blow molding machines. Since 2006 BBM has focused on the production of all-electric extrusion blow molding machines and has consistently developed this segment towards ever larger and more complex production lines.

Blow molding machines

A wide range of BBM blow molding machines covers every need - from small bottles, through complex technical details, to large-size tanks and reservoirs.

Distinguishing features of BBM machines:

  • Compact structure and small footprint;
  • Stable closing unit with linear guides and electric drive;
  • Precise indication of the clamping force and its adjustment directly on the control panel;
  • Proportional control of the profiled blowing and supporting air;
  • Electrically adjustable movements for molds, trolleys, blow mandrels and wall thickness (PWDS option);
  • Constant repeatable quality of details from the first cycles after commissioning;
  • Modern BBM Beckhoff Blow Control with a large multitouch touchscreen.
  • Internet access possible for service diagnosis;
  • High-performance heads with geometry accelerating product color changes;
  • Precise control of the sleeve wall thickness - max. 400 adjustment points, which allows the production of details with complex shapes
    and savings; material thanks to the perfect fit of the wall to the geometry of the detail;
  • High Efficiency Extruders With High L / D Ratio;
  • Minimal servicing costs (no oil, filters, leaks);
  • Low noise and high cleanliness of production;
  • Easily accessible work and service area with wide-opening safety doors.

Advantages of electric machines:

  • Up to 50% less energy consumption compared to hydraulic machines;
  • The individual electric drives consume electricity only when the machine is in motion. The mold clamping force is maintained by means of an articulated system, without consuming electrical energy for maintaining pressure;
  • No need to use hydraulic oil eliminates the cost of cooling it;
  • Higher accuracy of machines leads to better use of the material, reduction of waste, and this indirectly translates into lower electricity consumption for extrusion, mold cooling, waste recycling.
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Blow molding machines

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