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ProSeS BDE GmbH, existing on the market since 1996. offers targeted support in the optimization of production processes, helps to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. He supports over 250 production companies in the management and monitoring of 12 thousand. machines.

Production data monitoring

The ProBDE system offered by ProSeS BDE is an integrated IT solution of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) class with a modular structure, dedicated to manufacturing companies operating in the plastics, rubber and metal processing industry.

The ProBDE system enables full real-time registration of the entire production cycle, ensuring quick and effective control of the efficiency of the machine park, both during planning, implementation of production processes, and in the reporting area.

A whole set of production analyzes is available (including special reports – including OEE) that support quick decision-making at all levels of the organization’s hierarchy – starting from the production division – machine operators to the management board.

Strategic Benefits:

  • Easy and quick access, also remotely, to collective information in the production area (OEE, machine productivity);
  • Identification of weaknesses and their optimization;
  • Increased efficiency of the machine park and resources, with the possibility of reducing operating costs;
  • Increasing the level of work control in all shifts;
  • Possibility to implement incentive programs for employees, based on hard data relating to productivity;
  • Greater efficiency of the machine park and resources, with the possibility of reducing operating costs;
  • Strengthening the market position and greater competitiveness thanks to gaining stability, security and improving the economics of the organization.

Operational Benefits:

  • Total transparency of production processes – easy to manage, verify and report;
  • Elimination of material shortages, minimizing the risk of machine downtime caused by shortages of raw materials;
  • Full control of work and product quality, including the amount of losses, waste, and defective products. Online access to all data;
  • Improving the quality of work time management, as well as the management of inspections, maintenance and service of machines;
  • Shortening the lead-time thanks to the automation of information flow in the production area.

Examples of ProBDE functionalities

Electronic production planning board

  • Planning orders for each machine (work station and on-line control of the plan 24/7);
  • Preview and reporting of the current status of all orders;
  • Indication of the availability of resources (including molds, peripherals), their possible shortages;
  • Basic data bank concerning machines, molds and tools;
  • Automatic resource reservation in terms of orders;
  • Support in automatic reconfiguration of the plan after making changes to the order queue.

Production visualization – on-line hall view

  • Presentation and registration of the status of machines during production, also via remote access;
  • Recording information from processes: when machines were started, who operated the machine, how long the downtime was and what was its cause, how much time the cycles took;
  • Calculation of productivity in relation to the assumed criteria – for a given change, time unit, order, product;
  • Monitoring of processes in the scope of the assumed safety parameters, control and alerting in the event of each exceeding of the parameter value;
  • Indicating areas for intervention and recognizing bottlenecks.

Evaluation of operational data in the ProBDE system

  • Production reports including the amount and causes of shortages and downtime in the shift, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statement;
  • Full characteristics of reports, e.g. single, extended, machine operation diagram, presentation in the form of tables, charts – Dashboard;
  • Productivity reports in relation to the assumed criteria – for a given change, time unit, order, product, taking into account individual customer KPIs.

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Production data monitoring

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