The course of the injection process based on computer simulation (PTS-3)

Purpose and scope of the training:

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills in the field of modeling injection processes;
  • Technological and economic analysis of injection-molded parts;
  • Computer simulation of injection molding processes;
  • Designing details produced by injection method;
  • Avoiding defects in molded parts when designing details;
  • Quality control of plastic parts based on computer simulation.

Training date:







1 day – theoretical classes


Tel. +48 71 358 40 26                                        Email:


Research and Development Center Dopak, ul. Kwiatkowskiego 5a, Wrocław


Technologists, process engineers, quality engineers, production engineers, project engineers, technical specialists quality assurance,

Training cost:

  • PLN 1,200 (including dinner, coffee buffet and printed materials).

Submit your participation:

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The training is conducted by:

MSc. Patryk Gratka

A graduate of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in the field of material engineering with a specialization in engineering and technology of polymers. He has extensive professional experience in the field of laboratory research, production management methodology and quality assurance in the process. He is particularly interested in the extrusion and injection molding process. He is an experienced trainer willing to share his knowledge. Privately, he is passionate about computer games, youtuber and animal lover.

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