Founded in 1978, Digicolor is a leading German supplier of solutions for the preparation of plastic granules – feeding, drying, coloring, dosing, mixing and, of course, storage.

Industrial dryers for plastics

Energy-saving drying technology by Digicolor enables efficient drying with electricity consumption of approx. 50% lower compared to conventional drying systems.

The essence of the drying process is the Drywell adsorption rotor, which produces dry air with an adjustable and constant dew point. A Drywell dryer uses significantly less electricity to generate dry air than traditional molecular sieve dryers.

The Drywell system allows you to individually set and record all relevant drying parameters, such as: drying temperature, dew point, amount of drying air and drying time.

All drying hoppers are made entirely of stainless steel, feature a solid structure, and are easy to clean. They have thick-walled insulation also in the area of the outlet cone and form a single unit together with the dry air generator.

User benefits:

  • Drying air without dust pollution thanks to the adsorption rotor technology;
  • No compressed air and cooling water connections are needed;
  • Solid structure ensuring long and trouble-free operation;
  • Drying in a closed circuit, regardless of weather conditions;
  • Adjustable and kept constant dew point;
  • Maintaining tight tolerances of residual moisture;
  • No contamination of the material with particles carried by the drying air from other hoppers;
  • A wide range of models and advanced equipment options, e.g. weighing rings, dew point indicators, residual moisture meters.

In-line residual moisture meter

  • Continuous control of the residual moisture in the granules
  • Installation of the meter directly under the dryer or on the hopper of the processing machine

Weight ring

Tensometric measurement of the amount of material fed to the drying hopper guarantees continuous control of material consumption and automatic adjustment of the drying efficiency to the current material consumption.

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