Founded in 1978, Digicolor is a leading German supplier of solutions for the preparation of plastic granules – feeding, drying, coloring, dosing, mixing and, of course, storage.

Gravimetric and volumetric dosing units

Volumetric dosing units – DC series

These devices work within the narrowest tolerance ranges and eliminate any pulsation. Equipped with modern motors with speed control, which with precise dosing of dyes or additives allows for savings of 50%.

All components that come into contact with additives, dyes or granules are made of stainless steel. Edges and welds are smooth,
which allows easy and quick cleaning of the dispenser.

The dosing takes place depending on the dosing time and the injection of the injection molding machine. Synchronization by rotational speed with the extruder is also possible.

Depending on the application, different geometries of the dosing augers can be used to optimize the dosing accuracy and efficiency.

One-component gravimetric dosing units – DCG series

The special construction of the hopper ensures smooth material movement
and stability of measurements. Weighing cells are completely protected against the influence of any external influences, therefore the dispenser is suitable for harsh industrial conditions.

User Benefits

  • very precise dosing by weighing out portions (loss-in-weight principle)
  • brushless DC motor with planetary gear
  • reading of dosing and injection time from the injection molding machine
  • synchronization by rotational speed with the extruder
  • weighing cell protected against external influences
  • Ethernet connector
  • integrated Venturi feeder control
  • integrated recipe management


  • All components that come into contact with additives, the dye
    or granules, are made of stainless steel;
  • The system weighs with an accuracy of 0.01 g / indication of each component
    in 0.1 g;
  • Thanks to easy disassembly, color change and cleaning are very efficient;
  • Plug-In remote control for operating several dispensers;
  • Operation via PC software / web browser;
  • The hoppers can be equipped with a filling level sensor.

Multi-component gravimetric dosing units – DGS series

High-class dispensers designed for effective and precise dosing of dry and free-flowing materials.
We use them in the injection, extrusion and blow molding processes, where repeatability and high quality of the final product are required.

Always precise dosing of components

All components are precisely weighed in a special tray,
and then fed to the mixing chamber where a homogeneous mixture is prepared. Due to the high and reproducible dosing accuracy, the percentage of the additive can be reduced to the lower limit without affecting the quality.

Accurate dosing saves money

The registration of the amount of used components helps in the calculation of production costs. Stably maintained dosing accuracy allows to limit
required percentage of additives to the minimum.

The robust, industrial-grade design allows the dispenser to be mounted directly on the processing machine, without machine vibration affecting the dispensing accuracy. Larger units are mounted on a frame with a tank or on a platform above the machine.

OPC UA interfaces enable devices to be connected to higher-level systems and databases.

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Dosing units

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