This is easily achieved by using equipment from our two suppliers, KraussMaffei and ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper. Thanks to them, we will improve the energy efficiency of injection molding machines, reduce the carbon footprint and generate significant savings thanks to rational resource management.

EcoPac insulation mats from KraussMaffei

These are heat-insulating mats of the plasticizing system, which allow for saving thermal energy when heating the screw cylinder. Short heating time and excellent degree of heat insulation result in lower demand for heating power, which translates into electricity savings throughout the year.

Minimizing heat emission not only promotes the comfort of work and the safety of employees operating the machine, but also temperature stability regardless of environmental conditions.


Benefits of using EcoPack mats:

– heating time reduced by approx. 30 %,

– high plasticization stability of granules,

– lower electricity consumption when heating the material by 20-40%, depending on the material being processed. Economic analysis shows that the investment in mats pays off on average within 1.5 years.

Insulating mats are available for all sizes of injection units. Assembly, disassembly and cleaning are very simple.


FlexControl RHYTEMPER®

The FlexControl from ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper is a self-optimizing multi-circuit temperature control system. It automatically and quickly removes heat from the mold in each circuit, according to the current demand.

This patented technology:
– allows you to shorten the cycle time by 18% to even 40%, depending on the method of production,

– noticeably reduces the costs of heating energy,

– improves the quality of moldings in the area of secondary shrinkage,

– guarantees the highest and repeatable quality of products throughout the production process.

The solution is based on the absorption of thermal energy from each channel in the mold, where the temperature is regulated. The system includes temperature and medium flow sensors, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of parameters. During production, the data is constantly monitored and, if necessary, the temperature and flow controls are selectively adapted to the requirements. This ensures uniform and optimal quality during production from the first to the last detail.

Traditional temperature control systems consume an unnecessarily large amount of energy due to fluctuating heating / cooling operation due to system deviation. FlexControl RHYTEMPER ® noticeably reduces heating energy costs. Energy saving is based on the use of waste heat from plastics.


Should you have any additional questions, please contact the sales department of our company . Dopak is the general representative of KraussMaffei and ONI in Poland.