What benefits do you get?

FlexControl RHYTEMPER ® injection mold temperature control systems are a technology that allows you to shorten the cycle time, obtain better production results, improve the quality of moldings in the area of secondary shrinkage, eliminate warping, achieve dimensional stability and repeatability of the process, as well as surface gloss. A multi-application analysis of RHYTEMPER® temperature-controlled molds has shown an average cycle time reduction of 18% compared to traditional temperature control systems, and in some cases as much as 40%. This is the reason why many reputable companies from industries such as automotive, medical, packaging, food and cosmetics use this advanced technology.



Saving 100% of heating energy costs

The patented technology of ONI Temperiertechnik RHYTEMPER ® is based on the absorption of thermal energy from each channel in a mold, where the temperature is regulated. The system includes temperature and medium flow sensors, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of parameters. The information is recorded and stored in a database. During production, the data is continuously monitored and, if necessary, the temperature and flow control are selectively adapted to the requirements. This ensures uniform and optimal quality during production from the first to the last detail. Traditional temperature control systems consume an unnecessarily large amount of energy due to fluctuating heating / cooling operation due to system deviation, thus increasing costs. FlexControl RHYTEMPER ® noticeably reduces heating energy costs. Energy saving is based on the use of waste heat from plastics.




Advantages of the solution

  • Elimination of the amount of generated production waste, reduction of the carbon footprint – environmentally friendly technology.
  • Shortening the production time compared to the production processes used so far in the world.
  • High quality of manufactured moldings.
  • Reduction of unit costs while maintaining very high quality of products. Payback time is up to 3 months. The result can be explained by a cycle time reduction of up to 40%.
  • Significantly reducing the demand for electricity, especially important in the era of galloping electricity and material prices.
  • The modular, compact design of the system allows for system customization and integration with all manufacturers of injection molding machines.
  • The system is recommended for frequent changes of form. If the system detects errors, production may stop.
  • Monitoring of the flow and pressure of the medium, temperature.
  • Stopping heating after opening the mold, less heat energy consumption.
  • Documentation history of temperature control parameters, data set storage.
  • It is very important to reduce production costs, lower electricity consumption, and in particular to reduce the amount of waste generated in the technological process.
  • Accurate control of the heat balance in the mold even under changed conditions (flow temperature higher / lower, etc.)
  • Increase in machine efficiency.
  • The absence of a circulation pump allows you to save expensive electricity. No need to compensate for the heat energy generated by the pump. Zero reduction of heat energy demand. Minimal demand for cooling energy, minimal costs related to temperature control.
  • CO 2 reduction .
  • Energy savings due to the targeted use of plastic waste heat without electric heating.
  • The technology is part of the “green energy” philosophy, minimizing the harmful impact on the environment.

The implementation of new technologies and technical solutions is the result of the constant development of the plastics processing industry and the growing needs of the owners of production plants. The accuracy of the temperature control in the injection mold is very important. This is particularly important in the processing of engineering plastics with a semi-crystalline structure, where the degree of crystallization must be uniform throughout the compact to avoid warping and problems related to dimensional accuracy. Here it is essential to maintain the same temperature over the entire surface of the mold cavity. The technique has been patented, which proves that this solution is innovative and presents a world-class standard.

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