ONI Temperiertechnik RHYTEMPER® GmbH Großröhrsdorf, a subsidiary of ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH in Lindlar, is a manufacturer of innovative temperature control solutions and a leader in multi-channel temperature control.



It is an electronic water distributor that provides digital monitoring of the flow and temperature in each circuit.

Compact and solid brass fittings as well as built-in reliable flow and temperature sensors ensure reliable measurement and quick warning of anomalies.

Depending on the standard chosen, the flow sensors can be turbine, vortex or ultrasonic.

All parameters are visualized on the display and recorded in the device’s memory. Thanks to the available interfaces, it is possible to integrate with the control of KraussMaffei injection molding machines.

RHYTEMPER® FlexControl

It is a product thanks to which the RHYTEMPER® company gained worldwide fame.

FlexControl is a self-optimizing multi-circuit temperature control system. It automatically and quickly removes heat from the mold in each circuit, according to the current demand.

It is called impulse cooling because the temperature in individual circuits is regulated by impulse opening and closing of the solenoid valves. Unlike traditional multi-circuit systems, the Rhytemper® FlexControl can be easily integrated into an injection molding machine. The system allows a very high flow through the main 1 inch water connection and a water flow of up to 40 l / min in each circuit. Control is via a 10.4 inch TFT touch screen or remotely via an Ethernet port. On one side of the screen you can display the status of max. 48 thermoregulatory circuits. The parameters of the mold are saved in the device memory as well as on the USB.

Benefits of using RHYTEMPER® FlexControl:

  • Cycle time reduction by an average of 18%;
  • High stability of the injection process, and thus higher production efficiency;
  • The highest and repeatable quality of products throughout the production, from the first to the last injection;
  • Big savings on energy costs.

RHYTEMPER® Thermostats

Achieving serial production conditions in the shortest time is an extremely important condition for all plastics processors. Thanks to the high-performance RHYTEMPER® thermostats, the start-up period until the mold reaches stable operating temperatures is greatly shortened.

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