Founded in 1978, Digicolor is a leading German supplier of solutions for the preparation of plastic granules – feeding, drying, coloring, dosing, mixing and, of course, storing.

Containers for granules and plastics

Dopak’s offer includes professional stainless steel containers for granules, dyes and other additives needed when using an injection molding machine or other device for plastics processing. What distinguishes our products? First of all, the ergonomic shape as well as smooth edges and careful welds of the sheets allow for the free flow of material and facilitate cleaning of the tanks. Digicolor industrial tanks are characterized by a very resistant structure and shape that perfectly fits into most production spaces.

Standard models available:

Tank name Capacity (liters) Hinged lid Grid for filling with bags Inspection windows
C-50 50
C-180 180
C-230 230
C-300 300
C-700 700
C-1250 1250
C-2000 2000

Stainless steel containers and silos – additional equipment

  • Fill level measurement technique.
  • Tilted cover with actuators.
  • Cover for mounting the granulate feeder.
  • 2-fold, 4-fold or 6-fold suction box.
  • Quick couplings for connecting the feed lines.

In our assortment you will find not only granules, plastic and dye tanks , but also other machines for processing plastics (including plastic peripherals ). We offer:


MB-240 mobile containers


  • capacity: 240 liters,
  • color: silver metallic,
  • container made of PE-HD,
  • 2-port connection for suction of material with a diameter of DN-40 or DN-50,
  • standard version with stable wheels,
  • lockable lid with large sight glass.

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