Virginio Nastri is an Italian company specializing in the production of belt conveyors and ingot separators. Its offer includes both standard belt conveyors, as well as modified conveyors, tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Drum and vibrating separators

Vibrating separators

The SAV-type vibration separators patented by Virginio Nastri are a reliable system for separating ingots with almost 100% efficiency. They have the ability to accurately set the height, angle of inclination, distance between the vibrating rollers and the frequency of vibration.

Vane separators

Integrated with the conveyor belt. With the help of paddles, parts that protrude strongly above the belt are separated from the side of the flat billets.

Roller separators

Roller separators, offered with a conveyor belt in a broken version, are perfect for separating large-area ingot twigs from small details.

Drum separators

Autonomous devices for the precise separation of details and ingots. Equipped with a system of quick adjustment of the gap between the rollers, they allow to shorten the time of changeovers. The adjustable angle of inclination and speed of rotation make these devices universal for many applications.

Other devices:

CPS packing carousel

It is used for automatic packing of moldings into bags or cartons placed on a rotating work table. The conveyor belt delivers details from under the injection molding machine. The controller in the CPS device automatically recalculates the multiplicity of the mold and takes into account the delay time needed to deliver the details.

Mixer CM

Practical device available in two volumes: 230 l and 380 l for the preparation of granulate mixtures. The homogeneous combination of ingredients is ensured by a vertically mounted screw with a cylinder. Ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and clean.

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