Virginio Nastri is an Italian company specializing in the production of belt conveyors and ingot separators. Its offer includes both standard belt conveyors, as well as modified conveyors, tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Belt conveyors, industrial

Horizontal transporters

PNL series designed for automatic cooperation with a robot.

PNL transporters can be equipped with a CPR working space cover and with connectors for a robot that activate the belt after putting the molding on it. It is a system that works automatically without human intervention.

All standard belt conveyors are made of universal, varnished steel frames with a modular structure.

Slanting transporters

Dedicated to picking up the moldings falling directly from under the injection molding machine and taking them to a higher level. They come in several versions: diagonal, single break and double break. The most important advantage of Virginio Nastri inclined conveyors is the solid adhesion of the tape and the sealing of the walls to prevent jamming of small elements.

Easy and quick adjustment of the height and angle of inclination of the conveyor belt is ensured by a system of telescopic legs available in two versions: legs placed completely under the conveyor or legs protruding at the edge of the conveyor.

Distinguishing features:

– The dynamic polyurethane drive shaft additionally increases the stiffness of the belt and ensures efficient power transmission;

– High-performance HPT transmissions with high torque guarantee dynamic and very quiet operation;

– The side walls are lined with polizene material, which effectively prevents sticking of thin details at the edges of the belt;

– Solid blue tape made of three-layer PVC or PU resistant to impacts and high temperature.


Belt conveyors with an integrated Sesotec metal detector

Many different models of plate and tunnel detectors are available on request. Professional assembly with full integration and documentation at the manufacturer’s plant. Sesotec is a world leader in detection systems for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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